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1. Project

Project Name: Development of smart plug for energy management of smart grid, Ministry of science and technology, Turkey


2. Project

Project Name: Renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart energy technologies to investigate the effects of the Turkish electricity market, TUBITAK-BIDEB, Turkey


3. Project

Project Name: Protection of Power Electronically Interfaced LV Distributed Generation Networks, TUBITAK, EU


4. Project

Project Name: Street Lighting System towards smart grid infrastructure to provide energy conservation and sustainability – Application in Davutpasa Campus of Yildiz Technical University, Yildiz Technical University-Other institutions, Turkey


5. Project

Project Name: Charging Station and Ecosystem for Electrical Vehicles, KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization), Turkey


6. Project

Project Name: Building a house that fits in with the infrastructure of Smart Network with the purpose of Increasing Energy Efficiency and Decreasing Carbon Emission, ISTANBUL Development Agency (ISTKA), Turkey


7. Project

Project Name: Power Management of Electrical Vehicles and Network Connection, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Turkey


8. Project

Project Name: Development and Demonstration of a Hybrid Hydrogen ICE Bus, UNIDO-ICHET


9. Project

Project Name: Fuel Cell for Electrical Vehicles/Ultra Capacitor/Design and Application of Battery Hybridization, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey


10. Project

Project Name: Design and Application of Energy Management System For Hybrid Electric Vehicles With Fuel Cell And Ultra-Capacitors, TUBITAK, Turkey


11. Project

Project Name: Designation of Power Quality Problems That Could Be Seen in Network Integration of Wind Plants and Application of a Prototype Practice by Using Static Var Compensator for the Solution of Such Problems, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey


12. Project

Project Name: Fuel Cell Powered Smart Energy Management and Control (SEMAC), US Department of Energy, US


13. Project

Project Name: Smart Energy Management and Control Systems for Fuel Cell Powered Applications, University of South Alabama, USA